Do You Make This Common Mistake While Accessing Public Wi-Fi?

For most people, connecting to a free Wi-Fi spot at Starbucks, a shopping mall, or an airport lounge isn't something extraordinary. It's so comforting to sip your coffee and check email, scroll an endless news feed on social media, or splurge on new shoes from your smartphone. But have you ever thought about your data privacy while browsing the internet with public Wi-Fi?

If not, we've got bad news for you. Every time you log in to your email or bank account with your smartphone, you become a target for hackers. Why?

Because public Wi-Fi hotspots have got an extremely low level of protection, they become sweet spots for even amateur hackers.

Savvy users know that trick well. That's why, when browsing the internet with public Wi-Fis, they use extra tools like virtual private networks (VPNs). The VPNs create a "tunnel" that secures their internet traffic and adds an extra layer of security by hiding their IP address.

Do you want to know what tool we never forget to turn on while browsing from public Wi-Fis? Then keep on reading!

How to protect yourself when browsing with public Wi‑Fis: NordVPN

So, the hero of the day is NordVPN, a tool that secures your internet traffic with one button click. Whether you connect to a public Wi-Fi from your Android or iOS smartphone, NordVPN is here for you.
How does it work?

  1. Turn on NordVPN before you start browsing the internet from public hotspots.

  2. Log in to your bank accounts, transfer online payments, make secure online purchases, and browse social media with internet connection secured by encrypted internet protocol. 

  3. Stay rest assured no one will trace your browsing because NordVPn doesn't track, store, or share your confidential data with third parties.

Benefits of NordVPN

For the thrifty, the subscription plan starts at just $3.49 per month – less than a grande latte at Starbucks!
In addition to the anonymity of your internet browsing and security from hackers, NordVPN offers several other perks like:

  • Blocking of potentially malicious websites that may compromise your smartphone's security.

  • Bypassing geographically restricted content.

  • A high-speed connection, which is vital for watching videos on streaming services or playing online games.

  • Cross-platform compatibility: from web platforms like Windows and Mac to mobile Android and iOS.

  • How to use NordVPN

    Are you still using public Wi-Fi insecurely?

    If you don't want to be among the carefree users connecting to Wi-Fi hotspots without any extra security tools, get a NordVPN. Browse the internet safely, cover up tracks, and don't let anyone intrude on your smartphone!

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